FRINGE OF THE FOREST by Edgars Vinters (1970), oil, 29"X36’’, framed: wood

FRINGE OF THE FOREST by Edgars Vinters (1970), oil, 29"X36’’, framed: wood
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FRINGE OF THE FOREST by Edgars Vinters (1970), oil, 29"X36’’, framed: wood.
Vinters, Edgars
Born around 1920, Riga – Purvciems, Latvia. The first teacher – distinguished eccentric, working in pastel medium – Voldemārs Irbe. The young, gifted boy earns his trust and friendship and becames his prentice; works are on the black background. Next step – Edgars notices young art teacher and painter Hugo Grotuss, starts to paint along him in the beautiful parks of Riga and becomes his friend. Encouredged by him starts to paint realistic pictures using light colours and backgrounds. Doesn’t have money to pay for workshops, clases, studies. Able to start studies in Latvian State Academy of Art only at 1940. Among his teachers are well known artists Leo Svemps, Korfs Miesnieks, Jānis Kuga, Konrāds Ubāns. Endures hardships of the World War II, and following Soviet occupation. Participates in exhibitions since 1949. The main theames: landscapes of homeland Latvia, historical landmarks of the land and people. Mostly works with oil, watercolours and prints/monotype. Loves the realistic art, close and understandable to many. „I am the people’s artist”- he says. For those who closely follows his art is amazing to see him to approach the subject already portrayed for numerous times before, to show it from a new angle, different light and mood, never repeating or copying himself.

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