. „CALIFORNIA” (1960ies) by Kārlis V.Vanags, oil, 16 ½”x13 ½”, wood frame

. „CALIFORNIA” (1960ies) by Kārlis V.Vanags, oil, 16 ½”x13 ½”, wood frame
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CALIFORNIA” (1960ies) by Kārlis V.Vanags, oil, 16 ½”x13 ½”, wood frame

Vanags, Kārlis Voldemārs

Born 1903, Riga, Latvia. Beeing gifted in music and poetry also, after unthinkable loss and exile in World War I, recovery from tyfus and return to homeland, finds his calling in art. After beeing a student of Jūlijs Madernieks, Rūdolfs Tilbergs, Burkarts Dzenis, studies sculpture at the Masterclass of Konstantins Rončevskis of Latvian State Academy of Art. Beeing a diligent student of drawing and painting at the Masterclass of Voldemārs Tone, he vasts no time also proposing to a beautiful art student Hermine Lazdiņa, his inspiration for years to come. At 1935. He graduated The Department of Sculpture at the Latvian State Academy of Art with sculpture „The Youth”. His style is noticed and loved, and the orders gives the opportunity to create sculpture  after the sculpture. He masters a different styles and matherials, but his heart belongs to classical realistic art. At 1937 The Latvian Cultural Foundation awards him The Gold medal for his decorative bronze sculpture. A year later the Foundation buys his marble sculpture „The Girl”, and places it in the National Theater of Drama, where it is admired by hundreds of thousands. Next pinacle in his carrier is reached when he is offered the possition of principal In the School of Applied Arts. He participates in the exhibitions since late 1920ies, his works are acquired for the State as well as private collections. But at his artist’s carrier in full bloom, comes 1940, when Latvia is attacked by Bolshevics, the destruction and lives lost is everywhere. Somehow he survives. When Red Army is pushed back and he freed from the prison, he gets busy like never before making monuments. After few years the worst fears come true – on October 3,1944 both artists are among tens of thousands who leaves forever their beloved homeland, to save their lives; The Latvia falls under 50 year long annexation of Bolshevics. They are lucky to get to German DP camps and later – to United States. The sculpture is most expensive of fine arts, but Vanags means are very limited, and Americans very seldom orders original sculpture, so artist is not able to earn bred and butter with his art. Nevertheless Kārlis Vanags and Hermīne continue to paint and have their last exhibition 1976, at the Latvian Community Center in Los Angeles. Kārlis Vanags dies 1978. The book about his life and art, including more then 190 of his poems (in Latvian) is published at 1980, Los Angeles, California.

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