Bronze Horse Pendant By Marius B. & Aurimas L.
Product ID : J245
Silver Platted Bird By Marius B. & Aurimas L.
Product ID : J243
Silver Platted Bird By Marius & Aurimas
Product ID : J242
Sakta By Arnoldas Lt.
Product ID : J241
Bronze Pin By Rimantas Ordinas
Product ID : J240
Warriors Bracelet By Rolands Gudrups
Product ID : J239
Silver Pendent With Serpent Snake By Raimonds Narunovskis
Product ID : J226_SOLD!!!
Sharp Shape Wheat Bracelets By V.V.
Product ID : J225
Cross Of Malta By C.A.
Product ID : J224
Baltic Amber Bracelet By Julija, LT
Product ID : J222
Baltic Amber Bracelet By Zinta , LT
Product ID : J221
Baltic Amber Necklace By Rita,LT
Product ID : J220
Baltic amber Necklace By Laima. LT
Product ID : J219
Baltic amber Necklace By Anna,LT
Product ID : J218
Baltic Amber Necklace By Linda,LT
Product ID : j217
baltic Amber Necklace By Goda,LT
Product ID : J216